Gamepad (Controller)

When considering what controllers to buy for your program there are four things you need

  1. Cross-platform- Cross-platform means controllers that can be used on multiple systems. If you’re going to provide controllers for your team it would be great if they could work with as many systems as possible. There are controllers for Playstation, Xbox, PC, Switch, and even mobile devices like phones and tablets. There are no controllers that are compatible with both Ps4 and Xbox One, there are only adapters to convert them.
  2. Durability- Mostly self explanatory but controllers get even more wear and tear then the other peripherals. Its crucial the controller is well-made.
  3. Fit/ergonomic design- Certain controllers don’t fit well for how people like to hold them or are just uncomfortable after a long period of play. There are also small, medium, and larger size controllers that will fit different hands better.

Finally if you’re going to have multiple teams that are exclusively using Nintendo Switch, Ps4, or Xbox One it makes since just to buy the least expensive, default controllers specific to those systems. If you need to buy many controllers for the same system its worth taking a look at third-party options that are less expensive and can work for PC/mobile. They

In games such as Rocket League there is a clear advantage to using controllers over mouse and keyboard. For other games like fps type games, there is a clear disadvantage to using a controller. And for a few games, it just depends on what the gamer likes.

Our low-cost recommendation for PS4 compatibility


Low price of just $34.99.

Compatibility- PC, PS4, Android Computers and Laptops

Our low-cost recommendation for Xbox One compatibility

Enhanced Wired Controller Xbox One

Xbox One doesn’t support third party controllers like the PS4 does, but all Xbox One controllers will work for the PC.

Low Price of just $19.99

Compatibility- PC, Xbox One

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