What do you need in a headset?

Here are the main things to consider when comparing headsets and figuring out which to buy for your varsity team.

  1. Universality (able to fit all comfortably)- Everyone has a different sized head. Different headsets are going to be more comfortable with different people. There are also headsets that are uncomfortable when worn with glasses which many gamers have. Buying an headset that is adjustable in size and is flexible is ideal to fit more people
  2. High Sound Quality- Sound quality is self-explanatory. Players want to be able to hear the game sounds and their teammates clearly.
  3. High Mic Quality- See above^ players want to hear each other clearly. Its crucial people can understand each other in hectic game scenarios.
  4. Adjustable sound settings- This would mean the headset comes with or you’re able to download online a desktop program that allows the adjustment of advanced sound settings. Meaning players can change the sounds to more easily hear footsteps in game, to hear their teammates more clearly, or even just to make their music sound cleaner.
  5. Additional features- Such as being able to mute a mic, change the volume, or change the bass setting right on the headset. This allows the player to adjust what they need to without doing it on the headset’s program on the computer. It can be convenient for when players are in the middle of the game and don’t have time to “alt-tab” out of it.
  6. Cross-Platform- One final thing to consider when  buying headsets is whether you need them to be able to work with multiple platforms (PC, Xbox, Playstation, Mobile) or not. Perhaps you only will need them for PC so this is not an important factor to your program. Many of the more popular headsets now are compatible with different systems.

Our economical recommendation-

HyperX Cloud Stinger

The Stinger  is able to fit different people with its adjustable slider, can be muted easily, and has a high sound and mic quality for its price. This is the best headset we could find for  under $50 in 2019.

Compatible with PC, Ps4, Xbox One, and Mobile.

Priced at a $45.99

Our high-end recommendation-

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

We went with HyperX again for our high-end recommendation. HyperX has a lot of high quality headsets for not reasonable prices. While the Revolver is not cheap at $124.99 its considerably less expensive than some of the other high-end headsets. It was made for all day comfort and is adjustable for different head sizes. The mic and sound quality are impressive on the Revolver.

Priced at $124.99.

Both HyperX headsets we recommended don’t come with unnecessary LED lights or unnecessary widgets.

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