Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

February 2019

Hearthstone is an online digital collectible card game by Blizzard. It was released in March of 2014. The game is a turn-based game between two opponents. Players construct decks of 30 cards to face each other. One twist Hearthstone has on other card games is they also have select a hero such as Mage, Hunter, or Druid that gives them an extra power in the game. The goal of the game is to destroy the opponent’s hero. Players do this by using their limited mana to summon minions and use abilities to kill their opponent. Winning matches and completing quests can give players in-game gold to collect more cards to customize their decks with.

Competitive Scene-


Instead of true professional leagues like in Overwatch, Hearthstone has many third-party tournaments throughout the year and one big Hearthstone World Championship hosted by Blizzard. While some of the tournaments offer prize pools up to 1 million dollars, many professional Hearthstone players make the majority of their income through streaming revenue.


The college Hearthstone scene almost exclusively goes through Tepsa, although CSL has held tournaments in the past. Players who advance deep in their leagues are able to win scholarships for their efforts. In Tespa each college has teams of three players.. Before each match teams submit four decks. Teams can use one account or use all of their accounts to come up with four unique decks. Each team bans one of the opponent’s decks. Then they play a best-of-five match. Once they win a match with one deck they can’t play that deck again, meaning they need to win one match with each of their three decks. The three students on each team all share one computer/device and make decisions together as a team.

Quick summary for Varsity Gaming-

Most similar games- Magic the Gathering Arena

Number of players per competitive team- 3

Cost to buy game- Free

Costs to be on level playing field- Estimate-$200 per year

Where to compete- Tespa, CSL

Systems- PC, Mobile   

PC Requirements- Low

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