If you’re going to provide any peripherals for your varsity esports program, keyboards are the number one option we recommend. Keyboards are more difficult for players to bring to and from school, are durable compared to mice and headsets, and its less important they be fitted to any one individual.

If you’re going to bey keyboards for your program you should buy mechanical keyboards. A mechanical keyboard uses physical switches under a key to determine when a key is pressed. A standard keyboard however uses a rubber dome and membrane to allow for the depression and recording of the key. Standard keyboards are easier and cheaper to produce.

Breaking down the specifics on the differences between all the mechanical keyboard switches will take a while and probably isn’t worth your time. If you want a real detailed guide check out on mechanical keyboards this reddit post.

For the purposes of this guide- You just want to buy keyboards that will work for all of your gamers and hold up over time. Here are a few economical recommendations-

1.Logitech G413 Carbon

Uses the Romer-G Tactile mechanical switches. It also has programmable macros, meaning players can customize their keys using the logitech desktop program.

Priced at $64.99

2.HyperX Alloy FPS

Uses Cherry MX Switches. You can buy it with Red, Brown, or Blue Cherry MX switches. Red’s are quiet, blues are louder, and brown’s are in between. The Hyper X Alloy does not have programmable macros like the Logitech G413 Carbon.

Priced at $ 79.99

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